interview: Jurriaan Van Hall

"After Nature" (*) was a provocative group of painters. At first they painted in the fields transported by horses; a very romantic scene. "People would find it very old-fashioned but how can something done by young people be old-fashioned?" Later on they would travel around the world to explore their vision on painting.They visited big cities like New York where they would be living and working for some time.

At an opening of one of their exhibitions, visitors thaught the group was pulling a joke on them; the gallery was empty; white walls, white canvasses. It was not until the opening itself, that they would start to paint; being nude, wearing wooden shoes, painting nude models, self portraits.

People were shocked.The group would stay in a gallery for weeks, leaving beer cans and pizza cartons as a lively background of the street scenes they painted. At the end of such a stay, a diary of images was completed, consisting of hundreds of paintings.

(*): "After Nature" consisted of: Jurriaan van Hall, Peter Klashorst, Bart Domburg. Later, Gijs Donker, Aad Donker, Just Donker and Ernst Voss joined.

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